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Preventive Dental Care

- Exam/Digital Dental X-rays

- Gentle Teeth Cleaning

- Fluoride varnish treatment for kids

- Sealants for kids/adults

Emergency dental care:

- toothache

- hypersensitivity

- teeth trauma

- infections

- broken teeth

Tooth colored composite restorations

- for cosmetic fillings from cavities

- for Diastema closure for esthetic concerns

- for bondings to relieve sensitivity from root exposure

Teeth Whitening

- using effective low sensitivity KoR deep whitening systems     (

- home teeth whitening with custom trays

- in office teeth whitening (1.5 hr in chair)

- tetracycline stained teeth whitening

Crown and Bridges

- Cosmetic EMax crowns/bridges

- BruxZir all ceremic crowns/bridges for bruxers

- Porcelain fused to metal (noble/high noble) crown/bridges

Root canal treatmentsf for anterior and back teeth

- using modern equipments/techniques

- to treat teeth infection

- to treat teeth with severe trauma

Periodontal treatments including deep cleaning

- option of using needle free anesthetics

Teeth extractions (adult and baby teeth)

- broken teeth/root tips extractions

- extraction of teeth for orthodontics purpose

- erupted wisdom teeth extractions

Dental Implants and implant supported crowns /bridges /full dentures

- Straumann implant system

Removable partial and full Dentures

- cosmetic valplast partial dentures/flippers

- metal cast partial dentures

- immediate/traditional upper and lower full dentures

- over dentures (mini implants supported dentures)