M.F. Quincy Great service great smile! Dr. Liu is extremely thorough, kind, caring, does her job very well. I highly recommend her and I wouldn’t hesitate to go to her again. And her assistant is very cute and pleasant, and has a great smile 🙂 ! so if you need dental work done you would be very wise to see Dr. Liu. She gets an A + from me and I don’t give A’s to just anyone!!!

David Y. Jamaica Plain Hands down, Dr. Liu is the best. Over a period of 50 years, seeing about 4 dentists over that time, I have had some experiences. All have been professional, but Dr. Liu has been the most caring and sensitive about me and how I feel on the chair of any dentist I have seen. Her knowledge is exceptional and prices are fair. Great staff too.

James Z. Brookline  Lucy is great and very responsive. My crown cracked and I tried to contact multiple dentists around the area. Lucy was the first to respond and fit me into busy schedule the next day. She did an emergency temporary repair until she could fit me in for a permanent replacement. I got my permanent crown today and very satisfied with the outcome. She will now have me as a patient for as long as I live in the area.

Liz D. Brighton I am so impressed with how personal my service was. I’m new to the area and called because of persistent pain in my teeth. They saw me as soon as possible, scheduling me for an early morning appointment. When it was decided that I needed a root canal, Dr. Liu had a cancellation and was able to do it right then and there. She was very honest and helpful with my condition and took care to schedule me as soon as possible for a follow up to see the progress. Everyone in the office was so polite and professional. Very accommodating. I don’t think anyone has ever been so grateful/thankful for a root canal. Thank you!!!!!

Luke M. Boston  I give Dr. Liu and her staffs the best rating. I have been seeing Dr. Liu since early 2019. Since then I have visited her office dozen times including two cleanings. I had multiple issues accumulated over the past years. I had a half broken tooth next to existing crown bridge which was very hard to extract without affecting the neighbor crown bridge. Dr. Liu used a special tool to accomplish the work in less than a few minutes. The more work Dr. Liu did for me, the more I can experience the superior work Dr. Liu distinguishes from most other dentists. Her work is in precision.

Dr. Liu’s office staff Miss Ma is also the best receptionist I have ever met. She manages the patients so well. First as a patient, I do get multiple reminds for my appointments, which might be a bit annoying sometimes, but this helps to eliminate patient’s late to office. I never remember a single time Dr. Liu is late to see me. She is always on time and on target. Another thing I like to mention is that their billing management. It seems to me Miss Ma also helps billing. They never had any errors in my 8 pages of billing records. Their calculations have been exactly matching to the insurance calculation, which includes write-offs and deductions. Thank you Dr. Liu and Miss Ma. You are truly the best!

Yang Newton I had quite amazing experiences with Dr. Liu! Before I visited Dr. Liu, I had stopped visiting Dentist for almost two years because of unpleasant experience. When my friend recommended Dr. Liu to me, I hesitated at the beginning but just took the advantage of Saturday service, so I booked a teeth cleaning.

Dr. Liu was working on a patient when I got there, but I didn’t waiting though since her assistant took X-ray films for me in between, and then Dr. Liu began to clean my teeth. She cleaned my teeth carefully and tenderly, and made me at ease and comfortable. I felt that she cares the patients and started to trust her. So I told her that I had been bothered by the big gap between my upper central incisors for many years. The gap gave people illusion that there was some food debris on my teeth. Dr. Liu said that she could fix it. She said after fixation the gap will disappear, the teeth will look normal and stay long, but cost a bit. I was very glad to hear that and wanted a try. The fixation was done in a short time. When I looked at my teeth in the mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My teeth look pretty and natural, as it was 10 years ago. I don’t have to hold my smile any more. Wow!

I couldn’t help calling my husband to share this great news immediately. And before I left her office, I made appoints for my husband and my kids. I finally found the excellent dentist for my family. When I got back to work the next Monday, I recommended Dr. Liu to my co-workers. Dr. Liu is worthy of patients’ trust.

Belinda D. Boston I haven’t gone to the dentist for years…literally 5+ and finally decided to go in for a cleaning. The Beacon Family Dental team were attentive, super responsive (email, phone, text reminders), and awesome at what they do. They checked in regularly during the process to make sure you were comfortable, and were fast and efficient. All in all, a great experience.

Zhenyu Z.  Needham My wife found Dr. Liu from another website’s recommendation, we called on a Sunday night around 7pm to leave a message, to our amazement Dr. Liu called us back within 20 minutes and listened to my dental issue and booked an appointment for me. During my visit I was running late due to traffic, but Dr. Liu waited after-hours for me and determined I needed a tooth extraction, she explained the procedure in detail and went over what my Insurance would cover so there would be no surprises. On the day of the procedure, everything went smoothly, Her entire staff was very friendly and ready for my appointment. It should have been a difficult extraction but Dr. Liu was able to remove the tooth 100% without other damage under 20 minutes. The overall procedure was very professional, quick and smooth. I was anticipating a lot of pain but to my surprise, the pain was minimal and recovery time was faster than anticipated. Dr. Liu even followed up on a Sunday to ask if I was recovering well. I highly recommend Dr. Liu for you and your family dental needs, her skills are exceptional.

Paige P. Brookline I have had a fantastic experience with Beacon Family Dental. As a new patient, they got me the needed paperwork promptly and were also able to get records from my prior dentist. I needed a few fillings, and found Dr. Liu to be very gentle, thorough, and also efficient in her work. When I started having sensitivity at a spot (where I needed a filling), the office called me back right away and arranged for a filling the next day. Highly recommend!

Yesica F The staff is knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. I am so happy with Liz she did my teeth cleaning. If you need a new dentist this is the right place to go !

Stephy Zou 刘医生很有耐心、很细心,非常好!

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